10 Good Reasons to Have a Website

  1. Great P.R. !
    Your students will love seeing their photos and news on your website.
  2. Promote Your Business
    Let everyone know why they should board, ride and train at your farm.
  3. Sell Some Horses
    Advertise your sale horses FREE on your own website.
  4. Congratulate Someone
    Has someone just purchased a new horse? Or have you just sold a horse to someone? Offer your best wishes on your website.
  5. Publish Your Schedule
    List shows, clinics and other events that your barn will be attending or hosting.
  6. Provide Your Information
    Have a lesson program? List schedules, rates, location, etc. on your site.
  7. Brag a Bit
    Did your barn have a great show? Congratulate your riders on your website.
  8. Share Your Knowledge
    Have training tips? Spread your knowledge and publish a column on your website.
  9. Pat Some Heads
    Acknowledge your staff and the great job they are doing on your farm.
  10. Have Some Fun
    Having your own website is fun. Seeing your business on the net is a thrill. Everyone will enjoy it—and that is our promise to you!

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