The staff of Fantastic Equine Websites is made up of people who have been in both the horse world and the publishing business for many years.

BARBARA MESSINA is the founder and former publisher/editor of HorsePeople Magazine, one of the leading equine publications on the East Coast. The success of HorsePeople was a direct result of Barbara's journalism and design skills and her ability to understand her readers' desires and dreams. Barbara currently is the Associate Publisher of Today's Equestrian Magazine, an East Coast Publication that is published by Canadian Olympica dressage rider, Ashley Holzer.

LINDA GRANT has been an artist her entire life, with her concentration on graphics. She has served as Art Director for HorsePeople Magazine, PetPeople Magazine, Boating World, and The Fire Island Tide.

TOBE SASKOR is a a professional photographer, specializing in horse shows, pets and families. Her lifetime behind a camera has given her an incredible eye for design, balance, and color which she incorporates into her website designs.


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To become a winner of the Golden Globe Award, websites must meet a high criteria set forth by professional members of the International Association of Webmasters and Designers. Websites are scored for Design, Content, and Originality. The award is given to recognize a webmaster's commitment to the pursuit of website excellence, incorporating high standards of design.

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